Departure Solutions

Relocation Solutions Ltd.’s team of professionals have the expertise required to formulate the best combination of cost-effective services and support. A Relocation Solutions Ltd. representative will conduct a full needs assessment with each family to determine their requirements and ensure that proper planning is undertaken.

Preview Trips - Preview Trips are an important aspect of the preparation phase. Customized programs inform transferees and their families about local housing and schooling options, key amenities, medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

Childrens Programmes - Children are encouraged to participate in the process by exploring their new home (cinemas, cultural events, trips to animal orphanages, museums, etc.) are some of the activities we can incorporate in the preview trip to make the experience fun for them.

Working Visas & Permits - Coordinating the processing of visas, assisting with the paperwork for work and residence permits and obtaining other permits are complex tasks. Relocation Solutions Ltd. representatives, who are local experts, help transferees understand the complexities and simplify the process.

Shipping of personal effects - Relocation solutions is affiliated to global moving companies, hence we are able to organize and manage a transferees shipment to the point of delivery.

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