Relocation Services

Preparation is the key to a successful and productive relocation. Relocation Solutions Ltd. offers a full range of services to help families to prepare for a move and to settle into their new homes.

And our services don't end there. A relocation specialist will always be available, to offer continued, ongoing support to individuals and families as they confront new challenges and settle into their new lives. We have assisted many individuals in successfully relocating to Kenya, stress and hassle free, and would be happy to be of assistance to you. Our solutions are pragmatic and guarantee successful and swift dealing with relocation issues.

  • Relocation Needs Assessment
  • Getting to know the Country
  • Previsit or Preview Trip Assistance including housing options and schooling facilities
  • Shipping of Personal Effects Management & Oversight

  • Advise & collection of documents
  • Preparation of required forms
  • Application and extension of work permits/special pass
  • Follow up and collection of the permit
  • Residence registration

  • Airport Transfers
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • City Excursions
  • cultural training
  • Area orientation
  • Home Finding
  • School Finding
  • House settling-in support (lease agreements,utility connections, furniture ordering, house help etc)
  • Move day supervision
  • Service providers (internet, Telephone, Medical, Banking, Insurance etc.)
  • Car Acquisition

  • On assignment support
  • Social Networking
  • tenant representation
  • Repatriation

In addition to the above we can also assist with repatriation of your staff to other countries as we have built an extensive network of other relocation consultants operating overseas.

We can provide answers to your most pressing questions:

  • Which government offices must I visit to settle legally in Kenya and is there someone who understands the process and assists with the language?
  • Where can I learn Swahili to be able to communicate soonest?
  • What must I know about renting an apartment or house in Kenya?
  • What is the process for obtaining a work and residency permit for Kenya and who can assist me in obtaining one?
  • Can I drive a car in Kenya using my national or an international Driving License?
  • Can I import my car into Kenya? What about the car insurance cover, can it be transferred to Kenya too?
  • Are there international schools that my children can join, and at what cost? Which schools are recommended and are there any other alternatives that I can consider?
  • Can you recommend doctors and hospitals with good English or German speaking personnel?
  • Where can I find and recruit trustworthy house help staff, and what must I consider before employing them?
  • Where can I buy food and other items at reasonable prices?