Company Profile

The Company

Relocation Solutions Ltd. was established in 2008 and is designed to provide its clients with customised employee relocation services in Nairobi, Kenya. Our consultants will work together with you and your expatriate to find a home and get the family settled into their new location as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We minimise potential ‘relocation trauma’ by providing friendly and practical support and assistance with the aim of making Nairobi feel like home. The strongest aspect of our services is that they are very personal and we remain available for advice and assistance for the duration of the family’s posting in Kenya.

Our Mission

Relocation Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to providing high quality, consistent and professional services, responsive to our clients needs, at competitive rates and to specifically tailor programmes for their expatriate families or our corporate clients. We support our clients in achieving their objectives and enhancing expatriate productivity. Our programmes and services are all tailored to accelerate the transition process and enhance the overall experience for the families. We believe that the more comfortable the family is, the more productive the expatriate will be.

Our Core Values

Relocation Solutions Ltd. consultants are a winning team with a unique combination of in-depth local knowledge and international relocation experience. We function with a sense of compassion and urgency to be responsive to our client and expatriate needs regardless of the difficulty. Our caring consultants have all lived in Nairobi for several years and have specific expertise in relocation services.

Our Solutions

We offer an integrated set of solutions to ensure our clients can be assisted in whatever area possible.

Our Clients

We have assisted many organisations in relocating their staff to Kenya and our clientele includes UN, World Bank and the IFC as well as many multinational companies.

Our Alliances

Relocation Solutions Ltd. is in the process of becoming a member of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC). Formed in 1964, the ERC is a professional membership association concerned with workforce mobility around the globe. The membership includes more than 1,250 representatives from corporations and government and military agencies as well as nearly 10,000 individuals and companies that provide relocation services targeted at both U.S. domestic moves and international moves. Click on to find more about this organisation.